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For an investment of $26,245, a quarterly statement reports that the account balance is $26,292. the statement also reports that for the same quarter, the rate of return on the investment was - 0.02%. given the information regarding the investment's quarterly activity, is the reported rate of return reasonable? use complete sentences to explain your answer.

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The graph shows the distance y, in inches, a pendulum moves to the right (positive displacement) and to the left (negative displacement), for a given number of seconds x. how many seconds are required for the pendulum to move from its resting position and return? enter your answer in the box.
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2. (4 points) – suppose you are watching ten people leaving a bookstore. the clerk in the bookstore says that they sold a total of seven cookbooks and five unix network programming books to these ten customers. you are also told that two of the ten people didn’t buy anything and no one person purchased multiple copies of either text. you must show your work to receive full credit. a) how many people purchased at least one book? b) how many people purchased only the cookbook? c) how many people purchased both a cookbook and a network programming book?
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You spin the spinner shown below once. each sector shown has an equal area. what is p(beaver ) p(beaver)? if necessary, round your answer to 2 decimal places.
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Write in sigma notation 2+10+50+250 +1,250
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For an investment of $26,245, a quarterly statement reports that the account balance is $26,292. the...

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