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Which of the following expressions is completely simplified?

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Order the numbers in each list from least to greatest. 0, |−14|, 13, −12, |−16|, 17
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Fibonacci follies: suppose you are playing a round of fibonacci nim with a friend. you start with 15 sticks. you start by removing two sticks; your friend then takes one; you take two; your friend takes one. what should your next move be? can you make it without breaking the rules of the game? did you make a mistake at some point? if so, where?
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Planning for the possibility that your home might get struck by lighting and catch on fire is part of a plan for ?
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Drag each tile into the correct box. not all tiles will be used. find the tables with unit rates greater than the unit rate in the graph. then tenge these tables in order from least to greatest unit rate
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Which of the following expressions is completely simplified?...

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