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Turn this into a linear equation in y=mx+b format: –3x+4y=–16

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Explain why inscribed quadrilaterals have opposite angles that are supplementary.
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Avenues a, b, and c are parallel to each other, and are perpendicular to 7th street. what is the length (x) of the block on broadway between avenues b and c to the nearest tenth
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A50% increase followed by 33 1/2% decrease
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Ian is in training for a national hot dog eating contest on the 4th of july. on his first day of training, he eats 4 hot dogs. each day, he plans to eat 110% of the number of hot dogs he ate the previous day. write an explicit formula that could be used to find the number of hot dogs ian will eat on any particular day.
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Turn this into a linear equation in y=mx+b format: –3x+4y=–16...
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