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How does the graph of f(x)=3 (4)^x-5+2/3 relate to its parent function?

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The radius of the circle is 4 cm and the measure of the central angle is 90° the area of the sector with a central angle measuring 90° and radius of length 4 cm is vt cm the triangle in the sector is 4 cm the area of the triangle is v/cm² the area of the segment of the circle is (471 - ) cm?
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The function a(t)=728(1+0.04)^t represents the amount of money in the account after t years. how much money did aditya originally invest?
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In a probability experiment, karen flipped a coin 76 times. the coin landed on heads 32 times. what percentage of the coin flips resulted in tails? round to the nearest percent. a. 58% b. 65% c. 42% d. 60%
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An automated egg carton loader has a 1% probability of cracking an egg, and a customerwill complain if more than one egg per dozen is cracked. assume each egg load is anindependent event. a.what is the distribution (including parameters) of cracked eggs per dozen? b. what is the probability that a carton of 12 eggs results in a complaint? c. what is the mean and standard deviation of cracked eggs in a carton of onedozen?
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How does the graph of f(x)=3 (4)^x-5+2/3 relate to its parent function?...

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