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9less than (84 divided by 7) times 5 increased by 5

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Which is the graph of g(x) ={2/2}x -2
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There's a big ski event at the south pole to show off her mad skiing skills a pretty yeti name betty wants to rent some penguins skis but she doesn't want to spend more than 150 fish dollars for the rental normally the rental fee for penguin skis is 225 fish dollars. but today there's a special offer 45% discount tax 8% after discount what is the percent difference between the original price she wants to spend in the special offer for today
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Drag the tiles to the boxes to form correct pairs. not all tiles will be used. match each set of vertices with the type of quadrilateral they form.
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The base of a triangle is 8 1 3 meters and the height of the triangle is the fourth root of 16 meters meters. what is the area of the triangle?
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9less than (84 divided by 7) times 5 increased by 5...
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