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64,-32,16,-8 find the next two sequences

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Aline of 100 airline passengers is waiting to board a plane. they each hold a ticket to one of the 100 seats on that flight. (for convenience, let's say that the nth passenger in line has a ticket for the seat number n.) unfortunately, the first person in line is crazy, and will ignore the seat number on their ticket, picking a random seat to occupy. all of the other passengers are quite normal, and will go to their proper seat unless it is already occupied. if it is occupied, they will then find a free seat to sit in, at random. what is the probability that the last (100th) person to board the plane will sit in their proper seat (#100)?
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Which inequality statement describes the two numbers on a number line? "? 7 and a number 5 units to the right of ? 7"
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Which table represents points on the graph of h(x) = 3√-x+2?
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Negative x over 2+3/2 is greater than five over to what’s the given in quality
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64,-32,16,-8 find the next two sequences...
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