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Are these correct plans answer will be appreciated

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On the first of each month, shelly runs a 5k race. she keeps track of her times to track her progress. her time in minutes is recorded in the table: jan 40.55 july 35.38 feb 41.51 aug 37.48 mar 42.01 sept 40.87 apr 38.76 oct 48.32 may 36.32 nov 41.59 june 34.28 dec 42.71 determine the difference between the mean of the data, including the outlier and excluding the outlier. round to the hundredths place. 39.98 39.22 0.76 1.21
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Svetlana's hair is 4 4 centimeters ( cm cm) long. her hair grows 1 . 5 cm 1.5cm per month. svetlana wants her hair to be less than 1 6 cm 16cm long. write an inequality to determine the number of months, m m, svetlana can allow her hair to grow so that it is less than 1 6 cm 16cm long.
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Liz is shipping a package to her friend. the maximum weight of a medium flat-rate box is 20 pounds, including the box which weighs 6 ounces. write and solve an inequality to describe the possible weight ,w, of the contents that liz will ship to her friend if she must use a medium flat-rate box.
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Suppose that as a part of a game at a charity carnival players are invited to spin a wheel fora chance at winning either a small medium of large prize. the wheel is constructed so that the probability that a player wins a small prize is .45. if a random sample of 40 players is selected, then p is the proportion of players in the sample who win a small prize. draw the normal curve for the sampling distribution of p.
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