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What is the ratio for 24 packs at 2 for $9?

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Pick the description of a geometric object that best matches the real world object box for a deck of card
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Can someone pls ! pls answer all. no explanation needed..
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The tuition costs, c, for a local community college are modeled by c(h) = 250 + 200h, where h represents the number of credit hours taken. the local state university has tuition costs, s, modeled by the function s(h) = 300 + 180h. how many credit hours will a student have to take for the two tuition costs to be equal? round the answer to the nearest tenth of an hour.
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Need this at the city museum, child admission is 6 and adult admission is 9.20. on tuesday, 132 tickets were sold for a total sales of 961.60. how many adult tickets were sold that day?
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What is the ratio for 24 packs at 2 for $9?...

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