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What is the answer to -20+5p-7z

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Jessica and martha each have a bag of cookies with unequal quantities. they have 30 cookies total between the two of them. each of them ate 6 cookies from their bag. the product of the number of cookies left in each bag is not more than 80. how many more cookies will jessica have martha? if x represents the number of cookies jessica started with, complete the statements below. the inequality that describes the relationship between the number of cookies each one of them has is x^2 - x +224 > = 0.jessica has at least cookies more than martha.​
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Select a graph that have an equation with a < 0
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Which expression is equivalent to -5(3x - 6/7)
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1186 people per square mile in new jersey is blank % of the national average of 97.9 americans per square mile in 2012
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What is the answer to -20+5p-7z...

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