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What is the result when 198 is decreased by 1.5%

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The measurement of one angle of a right triangle is 34°. what is the measurement of the third angle?
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Aslide 4.1 meters long lmakes a angle of 35 degrees with the ground to the nearest tenth of a meter how above the ground is the slide
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Finally, the arena decides to offer advertising space on the jerseys of the arena’s own amateur volley ball team. the arena wants the probability of being shortlisted to be 0.14. what is this as a percentage and a fraction? what is the probability of not being shortlisted? give your answer as a decimal. those shortlisted are entered into a final game of chance. there are six balls in a bag (2 blue balls, 2 green balls and 2 golden balls). to win, a company needs to take out two golden balls. the first ball is not replaced. what is the probability of any company winning advertising space on their volley ball team jerseys?
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A. use the formula for continuous compounding with the original example: $1000 invested at 2% for 1 year. record the amount to 5 decimal places. use a calculator. b. compare it to the result using the original compound interest formula with n = 365 calculated to 5 decimal places. which has a larger value? explain.
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What is the result when 198 is decreased by 1.5%...
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