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Assign each group a class of immune modulators (interferons, interleukins, immune suppresants, interleukin receptor antagonist, monoclonal antibiotics). each group prepares flash cards for the assigned group of medications. flash cards to include common drugs in the immune-modulator group, therapeutic actions, indications, pharmacokinetics, contraindications, common adverse reactions, and important drug-drug interactions. combine all flash cards and divide among groups for review. continue passing cards among groups until all groups have completed each set.

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Which of the following is considered to be a primary responsibility of a pharmacy technician? a. writing prescriptions b. greeting customers c. increasing company sales d. counseling patients
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What is crystallographic data processing and structure determination? what are the physical infrastructures of x-ray crystallographic structural biology? who can tell me detailed information? any would be appreciated. in advance!
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11. two 1 l iv bags are to be administered at 150 ml/hr. how long will the iv last? round to the nearest hundredths
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You are assigned to care for david ramsey, a 22-year old male patient with back injury secondary to being thrown from a motorcycle. did nt damage the spinal, but the computed tomography revealed a compression fracture at l-2. david complains of severe back pain with numbness and tingling in the lower extremities. what assessments are indicated based on this nursing diagnosis? list other major nursing diagnoses based on david’s clinical presentation?
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Assign each group a class of immune modulators (interferons, interleukins, immune suppresants, inter...