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The range is the horizontal distance from the cannon when the pumpkin hits the ground. this distance is given by the product of the horizontal velocity (which is constant) and the amount of time the pumpkin is in the air (which is determined by the vertical component of the initial velocity, as you just discovered). set the initial speed to 14 m/s, and fire the pumpkin several times while varying the angle between the cannon and the horizontal. for which angle is the range a maximum (with the initial speed held constant)?


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An 8 000-kg aluminum flagpole 100-m long is heated by the sun from a temperature of 10°c to 20°c. find the heat transferred (in j) to the aluminum if the specific heat of aluminum is 0.215 cal/g⋅°c. a. 7.2 × 10 5 b. 7.2 × 10 7 c. 7.2 × 10 3 d. 7.2 × 10 1 e. 7.2 × 10 2
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Kathy tests her new sports car by racing with stan, an experienced racer. both start from rest, but kathy leaves the starting line 1.00 s after stan does. stan moves with a constant acceleration of 3.9 m/s2 while kathy maintains an acceleration of 4.95 m/s^2. a) find the time at which kathy overtakes stan. b) find the distance she travels before she meets stan. c) find the speeds of both cars at the instant she overtakes him. (of kathy and stan)
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The range is the horizontal distance from the cannon when the pumpkin hits the ground. this distance...

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