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The current supply from generating plants is alternating current. true or false?

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Aboat that travels with constant speed of 6.10 m/s in still water is to go directly across a river. the current in the river flows at 1.95 m/s. (a) at what angle must the boat be steered?
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Identical marbles are released from the same height on each of the following four frictionless ramps . compare the speed of the marbles at the end of each ramp. explain your reasoning
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Aprocess depressurizes nitrogen adiabatically from an unknown pressure to 1 bar. the temperature of nitrogen is initially 300 k and after depressurizing it is 200 k. assuming nitrogen is an ideal gas, and that gas heat capacity of nitrogen is given by: cigp=31.1−0.0135t+2.68×10^−5t^2−1.1 7×10^−8t^3jmol^−1k^−1 a) calculate the initial pressure of nitrogen. b) calculate the entropy change of nitrogen due to this process.
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This is important 1. what happens to the speed of molecules in water vapor when it condenses to form a liquid? (2 points) the molecules slow down. the molecules speed up. the molecules slow down and then speed up. the molecules speed up and then slow down. 2. how might human activities change to compensate for a decrease in water supplies? (2 points) humans might build a factory. humans might build drainage systems. humans might extract more water from the ground. human behavior does not change because of the water cycle. i'll be grateful if anyone can answer these 2 questions !
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The current supply from generating plants is alternating current. true or false?...

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