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In order to get full credit, you need to show all your work. A 2000 kg spacecraft is to be launched from the surface of the earth (mass M=5.97x1024 kg, radius R = 6371 km) and placed in a circular earth orbit at an altitude of about 800 km. Ignore the kinetic energy that the spacecraft has on the ground due to the earth's rotation. A) Use Newton's 2nd law for circular motion and the Universal Gravitational law to find the speed of the spacecraft in this circular orbit around Earth. B) What is the mechanical energy of the spacecraft-earth system when the spacecraft is at the surface of the earth on the launch pad? C) How much work is required to put the spacecraft from the surface of the earth in the given circular orbit?

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How far apart are two charges if you know they each are +2.0 µc and the force between them is 8.5x10-8 n?
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Na food processing facility, a spherical container of inner radius r1 5 40 cm, outer radius r2 5 41 cm, and ther- mal conductivity k 5 1.5 w/m · k is used to store hot water and to keep it at 100°c at all times. to accomplish this, the outer surface of the container is wrapped with a 800-w electric strip heater and then insulated. the temperature of the inner surface of the container is observed to be nearly 120°c at all times. as- suming 10 percent of the heat generated in the heater is lost through the insulation, (a) express the differential equation and the boundary conditions for steady one-dimensional heat conduction through the container, (b) obtain a relation for the variation of temperature in the container material by solving the differential equation, and (c) evaluate the outer surface tempera- ture of the container. also determine how much water at 100°c this tank can supply steadily if the cold water enters at 20°c.
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Astudent pushes on a 20.0 kg box with a force of 50 n at an angle of 30° below the horizontal. the box accelerates at a rate of 0.5 m/s2 across a horizontal floor. what is the value of the normal force on the box? 200 n 243 n 156 n 225 n
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There are two routes similar in terrain; however, one route has an incline of approximately 28 degrees, and you must decide on which route to take. what is the maximum road grade that your fully loaded ecv can climb?
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In order to get full credit, you need to show all your work. A 2000 kg spacecraft is to be launched...

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