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Earth science- the atmosphere and the oceans

1. which area in the united states has the highest average number of thunderstorms per year?

d. southeastern

2. which statement about supercell storms is false?

b. a supercell storm occurs only during the winter months.

3. by using sound waves, signals allow oceanographers to determine ocean depth.

a. sonar

4. what is the basic cause of ocean tides?

c. gravitational attraction between earth, the moon, and the sun

5. the köppen classification system is used as a classification system for

b. climates.

6. climate is best described as

c. the long-term average of weather variations in a specific area.

7. how much of earth's atmosphere is made up of nitrogen and oxygen?

b. close to 99 percent

8. the three stages in the development of a full tropical cyclone are formative, mature, and

c. dissipation.

9. the greenhouse effect is a result of

a. absorption and radiation of energy in the atmosphere.

10. submerged basaltic volcanoes that are higher than 1 km are called

a. seamounts.

11. a narrow region between two air masses of different densities is a

a. front.

12. which statement best describes saturation?

d. saturation is reached when the amount of water vapor in the air has reached the maximum amount.

13. which of the following is not a layer of the atmosphere?

a. lithosphere

14. which of the following is not a natural cause of climatic change?

c. human activity

15. a is a rhythmic movement that carries energy through space or matter.

c. wave

16. most tornadoes carry wind speeds that range from

d. 105 to 177 km per hour.

17. the area in which sediment is deposited along the shore is the

b. beach.

18. cumulus and stratus clouds belong to which cloud group?

b. low clouds

19. lightning heats the surrounding air to

c. 30,000°c.

20. what is the total salt content of seawater as measured in parts per thousand (ppt)?

a. 35 ppt

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Earth science- the atmosphere and the oceans

1. which area in the united states has the h...
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