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“all dogs bark. fido barks. thus, fido is a dog,” is an example of which of the following?

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Two horizontal plates with infinite length and width are separated by a distance h in the z direction. the bottom plate is moving at a velocity u. the incompressible fluid trapped between the plates is moving in the positive x-direction with the bottom plate. align gravity with positive z. assume that the flow is fully-developed and laminar. if the systems operates at steady state and the pressure gradient in x-direction can be ignored, do the following: 1. sketch your system 2. identify the coordinate system to be used. 3. show your coordinates and origin point on the sketch. list all your assumptions. 5. apply the continuity equation to your system. nts of navier stokes equations of choice to your system 7. solve the resulting differential equation to obtain the velocity profile within the system make sure to list your boundary conditions. check units of velocity 8. describe the velocity profile you obtain using engineering terminology. sketch that on the same sketch you provided in (1). 9. obtain the equation that describes the volumetric flow rate in the system. check the units.
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Follow these directions and answer the questions. 1. set up the ripple tank as in previous investigations. 2. bend the rubber tube to form a "concave mirror" and place in the ripple tank. the water level must be below the top of the hose. 3. generate a few straight pulses with the dowel and observe the reflected waves. do the waves focus (come together) upon reflection? can you locate the place where the waves meet? 4. touch the water surface where the waves converged. what happens to the reflected wave? 5. move your finger twice that distance from the hose (2f = c of c, center of the curvature) and touch the water again. does the image (the reflected wave) appear in the same location (c of c)? you may have to experiment before you find the exact location. sometimes it is hard to visualize with the ripple tank because the waves move so quickly. likewise, it is impossible to "see" light waves because they have such small wavelengths and move at the speed of light. however, both are examples of transverse waves and behave in the same way when a parallel wave fronts hit a curved surface.
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Astone weighing 1.5 kilograms is resting on a rock at a height of 20 meters above the ground. the stone rolls down 10 meters and comes to rest on a patch of moss. the gravitational potential energy of the stone on the moss is joules.
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The law of the conservation of momentum says that the total momentum of any closed and isolated system cannot
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“all dogs bark. fido barks. thus, fido is a dog,” is an example of which of the following?...

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