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About how long does it take ocean water to travel around a gyre?

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A5655.3 kg car deaccelerates at 30 m/s2, then hits the brick wall. what was the force of the impact
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When a 5.0kg cart undergoes a 2.2m/s increase in speed, what is the impulse of the cart
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The arrival of in the early days of europa’s existence could have formed its ocean. it is likely that the water experienced similar to earth. it is also possible that this water is retained beneath europa’s surface and in its atmosphere due to europa’s . 1.) a. precipitation b. water vapor c. icy debris 2.) a. gravitational compression b. biochemical cycling c. radiogenic heating 3.) a, gravity b. magnetic field c. heat energy for plato
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What properties of a moving object are used in determining the object's energy of motion
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About how long does it take ocean water to travel around a gyre?...

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