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What government rule allowed states to buy lands they had claimed to the west

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How were the economies of the northern and southern states different? how ere they the same? what factors led them to develop differently?
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China wants to take control over social media in which other region? question 4 options: taiwan chile japan hong kong
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Which of the following selections is least useful for supporting the claim that states intentionally built unequal school systems? question 1 options: the supreme court ruling in plessy v. ferguson (1896) wrote into law that america had two separate societies: one black and one white. it was very clear by the mid-1900s that southern states had expertly built separate educational systems. these schools, however, were never equal. states with laws keeping schools segregated never gave equal amounts of money to their black and white schools. ten years after brown, fewer than 10 percent of southern public schools had integrated. some areas did not comply at all.
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Consider the role of dr. kenny in the novel. how does rukmani feel about him, and what theme is represented by their interactions? respond in at least 150 words.
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What government rule allowed states to buy lands they had claimed to the west...

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