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What was osama bin laden best known for?

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An economic system where all or most businesses are owned by government
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Aunion filed suit against a corporation, known for its antiunion management, asserting that its members were being discharged in retaliation for membership in the union rather than for any failure to perform their jobs properly. under the pretrial discovery orders, a union employee was allowed to examine all of the records held in the corporation’s files concerning discharge of employees for a seven-year period prior to the instigation of suit by the union. the employee sorted through this large volume of material and discovered that persons who were union activists usually had “lack of corporate spirit” listed as their reason for discharge, while other fired workers tended to have more specific grounds for discharge listed, e.g., persistent lateness. the employee developed a chart showing grounds for dismissal of union members versus nonmembers based on the data in the files. at the trial, the union placed the employee on the stand. she testified in some detail regarding how she had conducted her research. the employee brought out the chart and the union’s lawyer asked that the chart be admitted into evidence. the corporation’s attorney objected. how should the court rule on the admissibility of the chart?
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What was the main purpose of one of the first world organizations
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Though most presidents have claimed affiliation with a christian church, the only roman catholic president has been a) abraham lincoln. b) john f. kennedy. c) george washington. d) franklin d. roosevelt.
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