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Why were diocletian's reforms unsuccessful?

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This chart shows the number of soldiers killed according to two different sources. source a is a book written by university professors. source b is from a well-known historical website. in a paragraph, explain why the data presented is different, and evaluate the reliability of each source. which should be used in a school research project, and why?
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Attitudes toward homeless people. negative attitudes toward poor people are negative when a person is homeless? to find out, a common. are attitudes more description of a poor person is read to subjects. there are two versions of this description. one begins jim is a 30-year-old single man he is currently living in a small single-room apartment the other description begins jim is a 30-year-old single man. he is currently homeless and lives in a shelter for homeless people. otherwise, the descriptions are the same. after reading the description, you ask subjects what they believe about jim and what they think should be done to 26 him. the subjects are 544 adults interviewed by telephone. outline the design of this experiment.
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The term "jim crow" is used to describe which of these? a) bans on hunting b) segregation of the races c) preventing women from voting d) creating more public schools
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How did the spanish prove to be excellent allies in the war? give examples?
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Why were diocletian's reforms unsuccessful?...
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