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What are the two categories of natural resource? give examples of each

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Mike and his wife, amanda, are arguing about his in-laws. mike doesn’t want them to visit because they fight all the time when they come to the house and he is worried about the effect that their fighting is having on mike and amanda’s children. amanda finally yells out: “what about our fighting? ” mike replies, “well, that’s different. we fight because we’re having a disagreement, they fight because they hate each other! ” this is an example of
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What was one step that charlemagne took to unite his kingdom? a. he chose a single strong heir to inherit his throne. b. he drove muslim forces out of europe. c. he created and supported schools. d. he declared himself head of the catholic church.
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Which phrase in the preamble of the constitution means the government should provide peace and order in society.
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With theme is best supported by the poem
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What are the two categories of natural resource? give examples of each...
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